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Sustainable development in Vietnam : the case of wastewater re-use in the district of Thanh Trì

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Victoria University of Technology Sustainable development in Vietnam: the case of wastewater re-use in the district of Thanh Tri. Jon Rawlings Department of Asian and International Studies Faculty of Humanities Victoria University Technology Submitted for fulfilment of the requirements of the degree of Master of Arts August 1997 .V / ,• w - ^V>V FTS THESIS 628.2109597 RAW 30001005476827 Rawlings, Jon Sustainable development in Vietnam : the case of wastewater re-use in the Abstract This thesis explores the barriers to, and the opportunities for, sustainable development in Vietnam. To provide the theoretical context, a critique of the dominant social paradigm by the proponents of social ecology is presented. Some aspects of the social ecological model of strong sustainability are used as a method of analysing current political, economic and environmental developments in Vietnam. To provide the empirical context, examples of the growth of environmentalism in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union during the transitionary period of the late 1980s are used to illustrate the potential for grassroots political action, decentralised environmental initiatives and the response of the former socialist governments to these developments. Likewise some aspects of Thai environmentalism are considered. The embryonic environment movement in Vietnam is explored in the light of the European socialist and contemporary Thai experience. The features of three environmentally-orientated groups in Vietnam are described and the impact they have on policy formulation and implementation is investigated. The development of techniques to utilise the wastewater generated in Hanoi by the farmers of the downstream district of Thanh Tri is examined in terms of the potential for strong sustainability. Likewise the barriers to the extension of environmentally sound food production techniques are considered in terms of the impacts of the economi

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