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MPEG-4 very low bit rate video

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  • Interactive Video
  • Multimedia Communication
  • Telecommunication Standards
  • Video Coding
  • Mpeg-4
  • Bit Rate
  • Video Coding Standard
  • Interactive Multimedia Video Communications
  • Content-Based Functionalities
  • Universal Access
  • Coding Efficiency
  • Error Prone Environments
  • Interactive Tv
  • Interaktives Fernsehen
  • Communication


The MPEG video group is currently developing the so-called MPEG-4 video coding standard, targeted for future interactive multimedia video communications calling for content-based functionalities, universal access in error prone environments and high coding efficiency. Besides the provisions for content-based functionalities the MPEG-4 video standard will assist the efficient storage and transmission of very low bit rate video in error prone environments. This paper outlines the techniques that are currently being investigated by MPEG-4 to provide universal accessibility of video at very low bit rates and discusses the scope of some of the promising techniques under discussion.

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