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The ACP-EEC Convention of Lome: one year after its entry into force. Information Memo P-29/77, March 1977

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/ ., ,/ur,lrssroner.r FoR oE EURoprEtsKE FIELLEssKABERs - KoMMtsstoN oER eunopiitscxeN GEMEtNscHAFTEN- ,dovurssror,r oF THE EURopEAN.coMMUNrrrEs - coMMtssroN oEs coMMUNAUTES EURoPEENNES - ,'couutssroNE DELLE coMUNITA EURopEE - coMMtsstE vAN DE EURoPESE cEMEENScHAPPEN TALSMANDENS GRUPPE SPRECHERGRUPPE SPOKESMAN'S GROUP GROUPE DU PORTE-PAROLE GRUPPO DEL PORTAVOCE BUREAU VAN DE WOORDVOERDER ilt0RitATt0t{ l1{t{lnitAT0RtscHE Autz E lcHl{ul{8 HF0RirATf0lt iltEilttl t{0TE 0't]{FtlRMATt0t{ 1{0TA 0'tilF0RMAZl01{E TER DOCUMEl{TIE Bnussef s, Manch 1977 CONTENTS - lntnoduction - Tnade coopenation page 2 page 3 page 5 page 6 page 9 page 13 - Application of the Pnotocgl on, Sugar - Stabilization of export earni?$s - Financial and technical podp{nation - Industrial coopenation | , - Annexe | - List of the ACP tStates - Annex ll - lmpontant datels I - Annex llt - Breakdown pl Memben State of tnade with the ACP - Annex lV - Cofinancin$ witH the Anab Funds - Annex V - Refenence matledial I To the oniginal 46 ACP MemQQns of the Convention, thnee fonmen Ovenseas Countnles and Ternitories wene added aftef fhey had become independent s the Republic of SURINAM, The Republlc of SEYCHELLES and the Republic of the COMOROS, which acceded to the Convention on l6 July, 27 August and l3 Septembcn 1976 nespectively. , ' The acts of accesslon to the Coniyention of a funthen thnee countnies wene slgned on 28 Manch 1977 t they ane SAq TON4E and PRINCIPE, CFE VERDE and P,APUA NEW GUINEA. Thein accessio^ ir"" yet to be ratified by the States signatony to the Convention, so, in the meantime, these three countnies wi f l benefit fnom advance application of the tnade aFnangenhents. The pnepanatony wonk in the field of financial and technical coopenation will stant immediat€ly. Fnom 46 to 52: six new pan The second meeting of the rcP-EEC Council of Ministens will be held in Fiji on l3 and 14 Apnil 19??. One yean aften the entny into force of the Lom6 Conv

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