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Meaning Constitution Analysis of ‘the Concern’

European Society for Philosophy and Psychology
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A purpose of phenomenological studies, using the Meaning Constitution Analysis method, is to reach behind the natural attitude, the totality of the presumptions made about the entities constituting a situation experienced by an individual, and get an understanding of why the Life-world, the world in which the individual is living his daily life, is experienced in a specific way. The experiences of individuals about the world around them can be studied by the way they describe their experiences in interviews, which are mostly transcribed into texts, or in written answers to open-ended questions. The experience of an individual Life-world is initiated by a revealing of a context, in which the individual is situated, is continued by a meaning constituting process in which the entities in the Life-world obtain meanings in the individual attitude towards the environment. These meanings ascribed by the individual include relationships between the entities. The totality of relationships between entities form a Concern about the situation in which the individual is situated. By a meaning constitution analysis of Fundamental Ontological Processes the character of an individual concern can be understood and by that why the individual value things in his environment in specific ways.

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