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Clinical Trial of Ornithogalum Umbellatum on the Human Heart: (Preliminary Report)

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ACE Inhibitors summarized - Consumer Reports Health What are the side effects of ACE inhibitors? The side effects of ACE inhibitors can include dizziness, tiredness, weakness, and a dry cough. ACEIs can also make the amount of potassium in your body get too high. And in rare cases, they can cause swelling in the face, lips, or throat, which can make it hard to breathe. To reduce side effects, try to start with as low a dose as possible. You may have to try more than one ACE inhibitor to find the one that works best for you. Our advice: If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure or another heart problem, talk with your doctor about which drugs are right for you. If your blood pressure is slightly above normal, making lifestyle changes may be enough. These include eating healthier foods, exercising, controlling your weight, limiting alcohol, and stopping smoking. You may also need to take a diuretic (such as generic hydrochloro- thiazide or chlorthalidone). If you cannot lower your blood pressure enough with those changes, then you may benefit from adding an ACE inhibitor. Ask your doctor. We compared the cost and safety of ACE inhibitors. We also compared how well they work to lower blood pres- sure, help heart failure and kidney failure, and prevent another heart attack. We chose these as Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs. All are available as generics. For high blood pressure —benazepril, enalapril or lisinopril For heart failure —captopril or enalapril After a heart attack —lisinopril For people with diabetes —ramipril For people with kidney disease —benazepril or ramipril The chart on the next page can help you compare costs. Treating High Blood Pressure: Is an ACE Inhibitor Drug Right for You? Many people need to take an ACE inhibitor along with one or more other drugs to bring their blood pressure down to a normal level. What are ACE inhibitors? ACE inhibitors, or ACEIs, are a group of drugs used to treat high b

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