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Eurofocus: a newssheet for journalists. Weekly No. 12/87, 23-30 March 1987

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• A NEWSSHEET FOR JOURNALISTS • REPRODUCTION AUTHORIZED WEEKLY No. 12/87 BRUSSELS, 2 3-30 t4a rch 198 7 S U M M A R Y P. 2 ANNIVERSARY:_ The Treaty of Rome was signed thirty y_e_ars ago A continuously evolving Community- of like-minded nations? P. 3 TWO OPPORTUNITIES by Carlo Ripa di Meana, European Commissioner for the People's Europe. P. 5 DRINK: Cheers? German ancf Greek "purity" laws for beer are incompatible with the Rome Treaty. P. 6 HEALTH_: ___ Long live women! French women do exactly this, with a life expectancy of 79 years. P. 7 SPORT: JP_e problem of the f~~e movement of foo~~~]lers still awaits a solution The European Community's national football associations against the application of Community law. P. 8 POLLUTION: " ... TJle water looked so _i!Jviting I went for a _s.;...w_im----'-'--" Pollution-free beaches ... and others. P. 9 EMPLO~MENT: Training pay?_off An agreement between employers and trade unions on the introduction of new technologies. Th1s newssheet IS published 1n SIX languages (English, French, German. Dutch. ltal1an and SpaniSh) by the Directorate-General for InformatiOn, Commun1cat1on and Culture of the Comm1ss1on of the European Commun1t1es, Rue de Ia Lo1 200 - 1049 Brussels - Belg1um Tel 2351111 - Telex 21877 COMEU B Its contents do not necessanly reflect the offiCial v1ews of the Commun1ty mst1tut10ns collsvs Text Box • ' Eurofocus 12/87 2. ANNIVERSARY: The Treaty of _Rome was signed thi_r_ty years ago A continuously evolving Community of like-minded nations? This week the 12-nation European Community will celebrate the 30th anni- versary of its 11 Constitution 11 , the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community, signed in Rome on 25 March 1957. Some feel the anni- versarytobe largely meaninyless because the Community has failed to live up to the hopes placed in it. Others believe Europe has made greater progress over the last 30 years than in 30 centuries. In the following

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