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Continuous meteorological surface measurement during NATHANIEL B PALMER cruise 320696_3

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DOI: 10.1594/pangaea.415511
  • 320696_3
  • 320696_3-Track
  • Course
  • Global Positioning System (Gps)
  • Gyro Compass
  • Heading
  • Humidity
  • Relative
  • Long-Wave Downward Radiation
  • Nathaniel B
  • Palmer
  • Pressure
  • Atmospheric
  • Quality Code
  • Short-Wave Radiation
  • Speed
  • Velocity
  • Temperature
  • Air
  • Underway Cruise Track Measurements
  • Wind Direction
  • Relative
  • Wind Speed
  • Relative
  • Woce
  • World Ocean Circulation Experiment
  • Earth Science


Microsoft Word - NBP_082901.doc Nathaniel B. Palmer AWS Data Quality Control Report Jennifer Lovell and Shawn R. Smith World Ocean Circulation Experiment WOCE Surface Meteorological Data Analysis Center Center for Ocean Atmospheric Prediction Studies Florida State University August 29, 2001 Report WOCEMET 01-13 Version 1.0 2 INTRODUCTION This report summarizes the quality of surface meteorological data collected by the research vessel Nathaniel B. Palmer (identifier: NBP) during one cruise completed in 1996. The data were provided to the Florida State University Data Assembly Center (DAC) in electronic format by T. Whitworth (Texas A & M) and were converted to standard DAC netCDF format. Data format and metadata support were provided by Raytheon Polar Services. The data were then processed using an automated screening program, which added quality control flags to the data, highlighting potential problems. Finally, the Data Quality Evaluator (DQE) reviewed the data and current flags, whereby flags were added, removed, or modified according to the judgment of the DQE and other DAC personnel. Details of the quality control procedures can be found in Smith et al. (1994). The data quality control report summarizes the flags for the Nathaniel B. Palmer meteorological data, including those added by the WOCEMET preprocessor, and the DQE. DATA VARIABLES The Nathaniel B. Palmer data include observations taken every five minutes or as provided by the NBP. Values for the following variables were collected: Time Latitude Longitude Platform Heading Platform Course Platform Speed Platform Relative Wind Direction (Port) Platform Relative Wind Speed (Port) Platform Relative Wind Direction (Stbd) Platform Relative Wind Speed (Stbd) Atmospheric Pressure Air Temperature Humidity Air Temperature Relative Humidity Atmospheric Radiation (Shortwave) Atmospheric Radiation (Longwave) (TIME) (LAT) (LON) (PL_HD) (PL_CRS) (PL_SPD) (PL_WDIR) (PL_WSPD) (PL_WDIR2) (PL_WSPD2) (P

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