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Abstracts Society of Nematologists 38th Annual Meeting Monterey, California 6-9 July 1999

Journal of Nematology
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V31 #4 ABSTRACTS SOCIETY OF NEMATOLOGISTS 38th ANNUAL MEETING MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA 6-9 JULY 1999 BIOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT OF MELOIGOGYNE HAPLA ON CARROTS, ONIONS AND LETTUCE IN NEW YORK. Abawi, G. S., T. L. Widmer, J. W. Ludwig, and N. A. Mitkowski. NYSAES, Cornell University, Geneva, NY. In recent years, the northern root-knot nematode (NRNK) has become widely distributed and an important factor in the production of vegetables, especially on organic soils. In commercial fields heavily infested with NRKN, marketable yields of carrots and onion were reduced by as much as 45% and 70%, respectively. Lettuce weight was reduced by 26% in field microplots at an infes- tation level of > 2 eggs/cc soil (damage threshold density) and heads of lettuce rarely reached marketable size in heavily infested sections of commercial fields. Vydate applied as a broadcast or drench application was found highly cost-effective on carrots. Similar results were obtained on onions with Vydate and a request for its registration for use in New York has recently been made. Green manures of sudangrass were found effective in suppressing the population of NRKN and its damage to these vegetables. Commercially grown cultivars of these vegetables are susceptible to NRKN. Available preparations of biocontrol organisms have not been effective against NRKN. Current crop rotations on organic soils are of limited value due to the susceptibility of crops grown. Thus, the development of an integrated management program against NRKN is being emphasized. OCCURRENCE OF PASTURIA PENETRANS IN AL-QASSIM, SAUDIA ARABIA. Al- Rehiayani, S., A. A. Farahat, and M. M. Belal. Plant Protection Department, King Saud Uni- versity, Al-Qassim, Saudi Arabia. A survey study has been initiated to determine the presence and distribution of Pasturia pene- trans on nematodes in Al-Qassim fields. Pasturia penetrans was detected in a grape field in the Malieda area in Al-Qassim, and was observed attached to juveniles of Meloidogyne spp. This is the first r

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