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The Influence of Private Investment, Human Development Index (HDI) and Local Government Capital Expenditure (LGCE) on the Economic Growth and Original Local Government Revenue (OLGR) in the Regency/City of West Kalimantan Province

International Journal of African and Asian Studies
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  • Economics
  • Political Science


Economic growth is still continues to be used as an indicator of the success of economic development of a country/region. The level of economic growth is influenced by many factors. This study aims to examine and analyze (1) the influence of private investment (PI), Human Development Index (HDI) and government capital expenditure (GCE) on economic growth (EG) partially and simultaneously, and (2) the impact of economic growth on original local government revenue (OLGR) District/City in the province of West Kalimantan. Data analysis using method quantitative approaches Random Effects Model (REM) with panel data from 2006 to 2011. Test results show significant PI and HDI and BMP significant effect on EG. Then, EG significant effect on OLGR with ? = 5% Keywords : private investment, human development index, government capital expenditure,

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