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Η "ποιότητα" ως αναγκαιότητα στις Ακαδημαϊκές Βιβλιοθήκες

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The definition of the mission and the role of a library plays an important role in the administration of libraries. It's important for the users of libraries to know their role so that they can form more realistic and fairer expectations. However if there is no connection between the definition of the mission of library and its direction, there is no point in trying to determine it's mission. The rapid development of the technology of computing as well as the methods of keeping and transmitting information have affected the traditional model of library administration. The model of administration of quality offers a frame within which the management of libraries lies from the sheer realisation of its mission to the action and fulfilment of their goals. The administration of quality is a field that is worth drawing attention to. The philosophy and the methods of administration of quality started being implemented ever since the usefulness of libraries itself needed to be justified, as well as since private documentation centres and service centres appeared. The sure thing is that there is an activity in the field of libraries about matters_ that concern the administration of quality. Shifting from the theory to more systematic methods of administration of quality is important, there is also a growing concern for research in this field, so that methods and philosophies of administration of quality, that can be implemented for libraries, can be found.

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