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Catalyzing alignment processes

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  • This Paper Describes How Environmental Management Systems (Ems) Spur The Circulation Of Processes Th
  • Ems Catalyzes Alignmentprocesses That Produce Coherence Among The Different Elements Involved In Soc
  • The Coordination Of These Elements – Covered By The Notion Of Coherence – Is Seen As The Most Import
  • The Elements Comprise Of Regulatory Regimes And Available Technology
  • The Networks Of Environmental Professionals That Work In The Environmental Organisation
  • In Consulting And Regulatory Enforcement
  • And Dominating Business Cultures
  • These Have Previously Been Identified In The Literature As Individually Significant In Relation To T
  • They Are Here Used To Describe The Context In Which Environmental Management Is Implemented
  • Based On Findings From Contributions To A Research Program Studying The Implementation And Impact Of
  • We Highlight The Diverse Roles That These Systems Play In The Thai Context
  • Ems May Over Time And In Combination With Other Social Processes Establish More Aligned And Standard
  • However
  • Examples Of The Introduction Of Environmental Management Suggests That Ems’ Only Plays A Minor Role
  • The Paper Develops This Argument Through A Number Of Empirical Examples Supported By A Theoretical F
  • This Framework Stresses How The Ems Are Dependent Of The Context They Are Implemented In And How The
  • Our Argument Is
  • That The Ability Of The Standard To Achieve An Impact Is Dependant On The Constitution Of ’Coherent’
  • Where The Management System Is Applied
  • Ecology
  • Geography


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