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Cheap Wars

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  • Bn Power
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  • Bn Region - North America
  • Bn Business Enterprise
  • Bn Value & Price
  • Bn Crisis
  • Bn Macro
  • Bn War & Peace
  • Bn Conflict & Violence
  • Bn History
  • Bn Ideology
  • Bn Distribution
  • Bn Capital & Accumulation
  • Bn Policy
  • Bn Labour
  • Economics
  • Political Science


The new conflicts of the twenty-first century – the ‘infinite wars,’ the ‘clashes of civilization,’ the ‘new crusades’ – are fundamentally different from the mass wars and statist military conflicts that characterized capitalism from the nineteenth century until the end of the Cold War. The novelty lies not so much in the military nature of the conflicts, as in the broader role that war now plays in capitalism.

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