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The capture/retention investigation of a gross pollutant trap

Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society
Publication Date
  • 090410 Water Treatment Processes
  • 091500 Interdisciplinary Engineering
  • 091501 Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Gross Pollutant Traps
  • Gpt
  • Residence Time Distribution
  • Rtd
  • Blockage


A technique was developed to investigate the capture/retention characteristic of a gross pollutant trap (GPT) with fully and partially blocked internal screens. Custom modified spheres of variable density filled with liquid were released into the GPT inlet and monitored at the outlet. The outlet data shows that the capture/retention performances of a GPT with fully blocked screens deteriorate rapidly. During higher flow rates, screen blockages below 68% approach maximum efficiency. At lower flow rates, the high performance trend is reversed and the variation in behaviour of pollutants with different densities becomes more noticeable. Additional experiments with a second upstream inlet configured GPT showed an improved capture/retention performance. It was also noted that the bypass allows the incoming pollutants to escape when the GPT is blocked. This useful feature prevents upstream blockages between cleaning intervals.

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