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Minutes of the twenty-seventh meeting, June 5-6, 1972

Publication Date
  • November 1970 - November 1974
  • National Advisory Council
  • Meeting Report
  • Meeting Participants
  • Grant Applications
  • Grant Administration
  • Regional Medical Programs
  • Organizational Policy
  • Health Planning Support
  • Health Maintenance Organizations
  • Health Planning Guidelines
  • Kidney Diseases
  • Terminology As Topic


1.0 !4inutesof the Twent>r-eighthl!eeting~/ ~/ October 16-17, 1972 ~~teNationalAdvisory Councilon Regioaal~4edicalPrograms convened for itistwenty-eic?hthneeting at 8:30 a.m. on 140nday,October 16~ 1972, in ConferenceR.00H!G/~~of the parklai,~i~uil~ling,~ac~villetf.saryl~nda Dr. Harold I.iargulies,Director,RegionallledicalPrograms ServiceF presid- ed over the meeting. The Council!,laberspresent were: Michael J. Brennafi,!1.D. . Bland W. Cannon,14.D. 14rs.Susan L. Curry ~4ichac:lE. DeBakev,~4.D= Mr. Edwin C. I%iroto Clark H. Y4illikan,fil.D. !~lr.Sewall O. l~illiken 14rs.hlarielS. h!organ FfarcJ. }!usser,M.D. Alton Ochsner,}i.D. Mr. C. Robert @den Russell B. Roth, ?4.D. George E. Schreiner~ BI.D. Benjamin11.Watkins, D.P.M. Pfrs.Florence R. I“Wckoff Drs. DeBakey,?iillikan,Flusser,and Roth were present on &tober 16 only. Dr. IJei3akeywas present only during the afternmn session. Dr. Merrill was present on October 17 only. A listingof m4PS staff members and others attendingis appended. 2/ e ~ieetingsare conductedin accc>rdancewith ExecutiveOrder 11671 and the Determinationof the Secretaryof Health, Education,and Welfare, thereuder, clfitedSepte!oj>er27, 1972. Proceedingsof the closedportions of n.[ectings,aridIfl.aterialss~ti~mittedi!ordiscussion during such closedportionsGre restrictedunless cleared by the Office of the A&inistrator, ES!iliA. For the record, it is noted that nle~bersabsent themselvesfrom the meeting when the Councilis Ziscussinqapplications: (a) from their respectiveinstit~ltiolls,or (b) in ~?hicha conflictof interestmight occur. This prccedtiredoes not, of coursef apply to en bloc actiofis- when tiieapplicationis uncierindividual — —— discussion. .... . -2- 1. Ir. CALL ~ ORDER AND OPENING ~N= The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. on October’161lg72~ by Dr. Harold l!argulies.Dr. !!arguli&scalled attentionto the conflictof interestand confidentialityof meetings statements in the Council books. Dr. Narquliesspecificallypointed out t

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