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Molecular analysis of the telomeric half of human chromosome 2q

McGill University
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The first part of my thesis dealt with the physical mapping of human chromosome 2 employing the yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) cloning system. To generate a chromosome 2 YAC sublibrary, over 1,000 interspersed repetitive sequence (IRS)-PCR probes were generated and used to screen the CEPH midi YAC library and approximately 2,000 chromosome 2-specific midi YACs were identified. These YACs were divided into 223 YAC groups, i.e., sets of unordered overlapping YACs, and using publicly available contig analysis software, a tentative order of YACs within each YAC group could be established. To order YAC groups, the chromosome 2 YAC sublibrary was screened with 87 genetically mapped microsatellites and cytogenetically mapped expressed sequence tags (ESTs), and 44 YAC groups were localized along the genetic map of chromosome 2q. In addition, 16 known genes were physically linked with microsatellites within YAC groups, thus providing integration points for genetic, cytogenetic and YAC-based physical maps of chromosome 2q. In a subsequent step of the analysis, the chromosome 2 YAC mapping data created by the Whitehead Institute (WI)/MIT Genome Center were integrated into our dataset. The integrated dataset consisted of 240 YAC groups, of which 14 large groups containing both our and WL/MIT Genome Center YAC groups were located on chromosome 2q. These 14 groups consisted of 1,195 YACs, which will form the backbone for the construction of a complete YAC contig for human chromosome 2q.

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