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Numerical and theoretical study of homogeneous rotating turbulence

McGill University
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  • Atmospheric Turbulence -- Mathematical Models.
  • Coriolis Force.
  • Rossby Number.
  • Earth Science
  • Physics


The Coriolis force has a subtle, but significant impact on the dynamics of geophysical and astrophysical flows. The Rossby number, Ro, is the nondimensional parameter measuring the relative strength of the Coriolis term to the nonlinear advection terms in the equations of motion. When the rotation is strong, Ro goes to zero and three-dimensional flows are observed to two-dimensionalize. The broad aim of this work is to examine the effect of the strength of rotation on the nonlinear dynamics of turbulent homogeneous flows. Our approach is to decompose the rotating turbulent flow modes into two classes: the zero-frequency 2-dimensional (2D) modes; and the high-frequency inertial waves (3D).

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