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Page 22, 1970

Electronic version created 2012, Florida Atlantic University Digital Library.
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  • Florida Atlantic University-- History
  • Florida Atlantic University -- Students


Page 22 of the photo book; Typed in capital letters and centered along the top of the page is "FALL FROLICS;" Typed underneath is "The Fall Frolics were held in the latter part of October. Booths were moved by various student organizations, rides were available and Canned Heat performed on opening night, which was attended by approximately 4,000 people;" Two 3 1/2"X5" color photographs are attached to the page with tape; The top photograph shows people setting up the games to be played at the carnival; The bottom photograph shows another view of the carnival being set up; In the right hand background are rides, in the right foreground is a convertible Cadillac, and a trailer is on the left hand side; In the middle men are setting up rides. The side of the truck reads "Wm. D. Stanley Shows;" October 1970.Physical Description: 8 1/2"X11" Bond Paper with two attached 3 1/2"X5" Color Photographs

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