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Scheduling Problems-9

Elsevier Inc.
DOI: 10.1016/b978-155860872-6/50026-3
  • Computer Science


Publisher Summary Scheduling problems play an important role in many production environments and occur in a broad range of application areas. Although some types of scheduling problems can be solved easily and efficiently, most of the existing and practically arising scheduling problems are hard and difficult to solve in practice, particularly, when provably optimal solutions are desired. Stochastic local search (SLS) algorithms play a significant role in solving such problems as efficiently as possible. This chapter introduces scheduling problems and presents an overview of the different types of problems that fall into the scheduling domain. It then presents and discusses SLS algorithms for various important and prominent types of scheduling problems: single-machine, flow shop, and group shop problems. Some approaches, issues, and results are similar for the various types of scheduling problems, while others differ considerably.

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