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요시모토바나나와 신경숙의 비교연구 -감각표현과 0ccult -

Publication Date
  • 요시모토바나나
  • 신경숙
  • 감각표현
  • Occult
  • 문화
  • Philosophy


Sense expression is pointed out as the feature of Banana Yoshimoto and Gyeongsuk Shin, but detail study is very insufficient. In this point of view, the author clarified that the sense which comes from the personal experience makes important role in describing matters of human inside and life and cultural difference is included in those kind of descriptions by comparing their sense expression detailly in the doctoral thesis. The sixth sense about which study was not conducted in the study about five senses is focused on this study and the occult factor that is one of important motives to them is studied comparatively by reviewing the relation between problem consciousness of writer and occult factor and charactieristic. First of all, the occult dealt by them has the feature different from fantasy of western style. That is to say, the occult is similar to legend, myth, and etc different from fantasy of western style show that cultural background of them is based on the eastern lengend. Common feature for them is they want to stay within the range of the realism. But Gyeongsuk Shin shows the scene that inner trouble is dissolved by thinking occult scene as a chance for self-examination while Banana Yoshimoto shows not only various implication comparatively but also simple affirmation of mystery in their literature. And the hero abruptly finds out the solution for troubles through self-examination method by describing kind of occult scene, which basically makes the role mostly sympathized with readers in a manner of describing sense expression.

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