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Isosteric Vapor Pressure – Temperature Data for Water Sorption in Hardened Cement Paste: Enthalpy, Entropy and Sorption Isotherms at Different Temperatures

Technical University of Denmark, Department of Civil Engineering
Publication Date
  • Hardened Cement Paste
  • Vapor Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Enthalpy
  • Entropy
  • Sorption Isotherms


PART I: In order to generate isosteric (constant mass) vapor pressure – temperature data (P-T data) for adsorbed pore water in hydrated cement paste, the Thermo Piestic Analysis system (the TPA system) described herein was developed. The TPA system generates high precision equilibrium isosteric P-T data automatically during slow heating and cooling. The generated data are subjected to regression analysis leading to very close curve fitting of the P-T data and enabling appropriate enthalpy and entropy computations. The TPA system's absolute accuracy is checked by generating P-T data for pure water. The accuracies for pressure, enthalpy and entropy are found to be 0.5% or less. PART II: The TPA-system has been used to generate water vapor pressure – temperature data for room temperature – and steam cured hardened cement pastes as well as porous vycor glass. The moisture contents range from saturated to dry and the temperatures range from 2 to 95 °C, differing for the specimen types. The data has been analyzed to yield differential enthalpy and entropy of adsorption, as well as the dependence of the relative vapor pressure on temperature at various constant moisture contents. The implications for the coefficient of thermal expansion have been explored.

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