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Ensuring Interbranch Uniformity in Wage Payments for Work of Equal Complexity

  • Economics


In connection with the introduction of the branch system of managing industry and measures for further raising wages and improving their organization, the problem of ensuring interbranch uniformity of payments for work performed depending on its complexity acquires much importance. Solution of this problem is important for improving the utilization of workers according to their skills, for economic substantiation of forms and periods of training, and for reducing labor turnover. It is directly connected with problems of increasing labor productivity and the effectiveness of social production. In practice, equal payments for work of equal complexity are made on the basis of wage handbooks [>u>tarifno-kvalifikatsionnye spravochniki>/u>] and basic wage rates. Therefore, in order to ensure genuine uniformity in payments to workers depending on the complexity of their work, it is necessary, on the one hand, to distribute all types of work and workers into skill groups and, on the other, to establish an equal amount of that part of the basic wage rate that takes into account the complexity of work irrespective of the branch of industry and the occupation of the worker.

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