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Phytoplankton abundance measured on water bottle samples during Vsevolod Beryezkin cruise 90VD9470

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DOI: 10.1594/pangaea.826263
  • 90Vd9470
  • 90Vd9470-Track
  • Asterionella Bleakeleyi
  • Asterionella Kariana
  • Bacillariophyta Spp
  • Bacteriosira Fragilis
  • Biddulphia Aurita
  • Ceratium Arcticum
  • Ceratium Fusus
  • Ceratium Longipes
  • Ceratium Macroceros
  • Chaetoceros Compressus
  • Chaetoceros Concavicornis
  • Chaetoceros Curvisetus
  • Chaetoceros Debilis
  • Chaetoceros Decipiens
  • Chaetoceros Densus
  • Chaetoceros Fragilis
  • Chaetoceros Holsaticus
  • Chaetoceros Mitra
  • Chaetoceros Similis
  • Chaetoceros Spp
  • Chaetoceros Subsecundus
  • Chaetoceros Subtilis
  • Chaetoceros Teres
  • Chlorophycota Spp
  • Coscinodiscus Radiatus
  • Coscinodiscus Spp
  • Coscinosira Polychorda
  • Depth
  • Bathymetric
  • Dinobryon Balticum
  • Dinophysis Acuminata
  • Dinophysis Acuta
  • Dinophysis Irregulare
  • Dinophysis Norvegica
  • Fragilaria Islandica
  • Glenodinium Lenticula
  • Gonyaulax Polygramma
  • Gymnodinium Arcticum
  • Gymnodinium Wulffii
  • Gyrodinium Fusiforme
  • Gyrodinium Lachryma
  • Gyrodinium Prunus
  • Gyrosigma Fasciola
  • Halosphaera Viridis
  • Lauderia Borealis
  • Leptocylindrus Danicus
  • Leptocylindrus Minimus
  • Melosira Moniliformis
  • Melosira Spp
  • Nitzschia Closterium
  • Nitzschia Longissima
  • Nitzschia Seriata
  • Oceanography
  • Paralia Sulcata
  • Pennales Indeterminata
  • Pennales Spp
  • Peridinium Breve
  • Peridinium Curvipes
  • Peridinium Depressum
  • Peridinium Globulus
  • Peridinium Pellucidum
  • Peridinium Pyriforme
  • Peridinium Spp
  • Peridinium Trochoideum
  • Pleurosigma Angulatum
  • Pleurosigma Elongatum
  • Pleurosigma Formosum
  • Pleurosigma Stuxbergii
  • Prasinophyta Spp
  • Protoperidinium Steinii
  • Rhizosolenia Alata
  • Rhizosolenia Hebetata
  • Rhizosolenia Setigera
  • Skeletonema Costatum
  • Station
  • Thalassionema Nitzschioides
  • Thalassiosira Eccentrica
  • Thalassiosira Gravida
  • Thalassiosira Nordenskioeldii
  • Vsevolod Beryezkin


Checlist of Baltic Sea Phytoplankton Species Checklist of Baltic Sea Phytoplankton Species Ba l t i c Sea Env i ronment P roc eed ings No . 95 Helsinki Commission Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission 2004 Guy Hällfors Checklist of Baltic Sea Phytoplankton Species (including some heterotrophic protistan groups) Checklist of Baltic Sea Phytoplankton Species (including some heterotrophic protistan groups) Guy Hällfors Finnish Institute of Marine Research P.O. Box 33 (Asiakkaankatu 3) 00931 Helsinki Finland E-mail: [email protected] On the cover: The blue-green alga Anabaena lemmermannii. Photo Seija Hällfors / FIMR 4 Introduction 5 Two previous checklists of Baltic Sea phytoplankton (Hällfors 1980 (1979) and Edler et al. 1984) were titled ”preliminary”. Our knowledge of the taxonomy and distribution of Baltic Sea phytoplankton has increased considerably over the last 20 years. Much of this new information has been incorporated in this new list. Data from a number of older publications overlooked by Edler et al. (1984) has also been included. As a result, the number of species included has grown considerably. Especially the inclusion of more estuarine species adapted to salinities lower than those of the open Baltic Sea has increased the number of species. The new list also contains species which mainly grow in ice but form sparse planktonic populations in the beginning of the spring bloom, and species of benthic or littoral origin (whether epiphytic, epilitic, epipsammic, epipelic, or rarely epizooic), that are occasionally found in the plankton. The benthic and littoral species are coded with an ”l” in the checklist. Concerning the diatoms, especially in the order Bacillariales, it is usually impossible to tell whether the cells of such species have been alive when sampled because of the preparation techniques (including the removal of cell contents) required for an accurate determination. Whereas the two pr

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