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The effect of impurities on the mechanical properties of zone-melted boron

Journal of the Less Common Metals
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DOI: 10.1016/0022-5088(81)90203-4


Abstract The effect of the impurities hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen on the mechanical properties of crystals of β rhombohedral boron obtained by zone melting pressed powder samples with a binder content (boric acid) ranging from 0 to 18 wt.% was studied using a technique in which a continuous-loading indenter records the load on the pyramidal indenter versus the depth of indentation. An increase in the hydrogen content and decreases in the amounts of oxygen and nitrogen in the solidified boron samples cause a decrease in the tendency to twin, an increase in the microhardness of 6% and an increase in the energy of deformation of 12% when the load on the indenter is 2 N. The approximate size of the twins is 0.5 μm. The values of Young's modulus and the effective surface energy of β rhombohedral boron were estimated.

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