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Emissions and wall temperatures for lean prevaporized premixed gas turbine combustor

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DOI: 10.1016/j.fuel.2008.10.031
  • Gas Turbine
  • Kerosene
  • Swirl
  • Emission
  • Wall Temperature
  • Design


Abstract Experimental studies are carried out for investigating emission and wall temperature for traditional gas turbine combustor converted to lean premixed prevaporized (LPP) combustor. Vortex chamber, air preheating system, flat flame burner and inlet temperature control system are designed. Vortex chamber was maintained at the main air inlet port for controlling secondary air flow rate and wall temperature. Kerosene/air mixture temperature at exit from burner and entering combustion chamber was kept constant at 650 K for all runs. Special considerations were given for measuring NO X , UHC, CO, local A/F ratio, flame temperature, exhaust gases temperature and wall temperature. For swirl and non swirl cases, secondary air ratio and primary zone air/fuel ratio were varied. The different operating parameters affecting flame temperature through it is affecting on local A/F ratio which is the main parameter for controlling flame temperature, emissions and walls temperatures. Flat flame burner and vortex chamber are useful tools for reducing emission and controlling walls temperatures. The inner liner wall temperatures are more affected by primary zone equivalence ratio while the outer liner wall temperatures are more affected by secondary air flow rate. Semi empirical correlations for NO X , UHC and CO concentrations, exhaust gases temperature and maximum inner liner wall temperature are carried out. Good agreement between the measured and the calculated results are obtained. The present results are useful for further development of the traditional gas turbine combustor converted to LPP combustor.

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