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Climate Information Needs of Gascoyne-Murchison Pastoralists: A Representative Study of the Western Australian Grazing Industry

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Microsoft Word - doc 1 - Title page - D Keogh - FINAL - 24 JULY 2009.doc Queensland University of Technology School of Physical and Chemical Sciences DEVELOPMENT OF A PARTICLE NUMBER AND PARTICLE MASS EMISSIONS INVENTORY FOR AN URBAN FLEET: A STUDY IN SOUTH-EAST QUEENSLAND Diane Underwood Keogh A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy 2009 i KEYWORDS Air quality regulation, ambient aerosol, emission factors, modality of particle size distribution, motor vehicles, motor vehicle inventory, particle mass, particle number, particle volume, PM1, PM2.5, PM10, South-East Queensland, submicrometre particles, tailpipe emissions, traffic, transport modelling, ultrafine particles, urban fleet. ii ABSTRACT Motor vehicles are a major source of gaseous and particulate matter pollution in urban areas, particularly of ultrafine sized particles (diameters < 0.1 µm). Exposure to particulate matter has been found to be associated with serious health effects, including respiratory and cardiovascular disease, and mortality. Particle emissions generated by motor vehicles span a very broad size range (from around 0.003-10 µm) and are measured as different subsets of particle mass concentrations or particle number count. However, there exist scientific challenges in analysing and interpreting the large data sets on motor vehicle emission factors, and no understanding is available of the application of different particle metrics as a basis for air quality regulation. To date a comprehensive inventory covering the broad size range of particles emitted by motor vehicles, and which includes particle number, does not exist anywhere in the world. This thesis covers research related to four importa

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