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EC-Japan dialogue. European Community No. 174, March 1974

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CONTENTS Community News EC-Japan Dialogue Mary Locke and Hans Binnendijk Japanese-European relations, characterized as a "trade quarrel" on · "a complaint department level," may be changing, report two Ameri- can journalists from Tokyo. In some respects the evolving relation- ship is a trilateral one with the United States. 1 Speaking Out on US-EC Relations Christopher Soames "Europe's relationship with the United States is and must and will remain a primordial one on both sides," according to the EC Com- mission Vice President responsible for the Community's external re- lations. But for an equal partnership, Europe must unite. 1 The Politics of Energy Martin U. Mauthner A chronicle of Europe's energy crisis gives proof to EC Commission Vice President Henri Simonet's comment that a Common Market oil policy is 10 per cent oil and 90 per cent politics. Energy's impact on the Community's external relations and internal solidarity is examined. 1 Integration Theories RobertS. Wood Scholarly attempts to understand the European Community have given rise to a speculative enterprise known as integration theoriz- ing. A professor of the subject explains these theories for the layman. 2 A Common Cultural Market Virginia Newes Every two years a "Europalia" festival in Brussels offers an artistic sampling of a particular EC country. A British music critic reviews the most recent festival. 22 Recent Books 2 Exhibits 2 Publications Available Cover (Courtesy of the Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington): The arrival of a Portuguese trading ship at Nagasaki, Japan, depicted in a six-panel, Japanese screen painting. This Sixteenth Century screen is an example of Nanban art, which means works influ- enced by or connected with Europeans during this period. Literally, Nanban means "southern barbarian": Europeans arrived from the south, and all foreigners were considered barbarians. For a discussion of Euro- pean-Japanese relations today, see p

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