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1940 : le var rouge dans la vague blanche

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1940 : The red Var, and the white wave, Jean-Marie Guillon. In the Var department, as elsewhere, the beginnings of opposition to the Vichy re- gime were neither early nor unanimous. In 1940, the Resistance was still to be invented, especially since it represented a break with a political tradition which had forgotten the clandestine action and republican insurrections of the previous centuries. Resistance was built up through stages, first in cities and then on the coast. There was no single center : it was formed from distant circles in which Gaullists, Anglophiles, democrats, antiparliamentarians and partial supporters of the Vichy regime coexisted. At the end of 1940, there was still a long way to go for the republicans who had to discover what the Resistance was and for the Resistance, which had to rediscover the Republic.

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