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Review of the European Social Fund. Information Memo P-59/82, October 1982

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TALSMANDENS GRUPPE - SPRECHERGRUPFE - SPOKESMAN'S GROIJP - GROUPE UJ POBTE.MROLE OMAAA EKnPO:cxlO/ TYnO/ - G|ruPPO DEL PORTA\OCE - zuREAU VAN DE \ /OORCA,OEROER REVIEW OF THE EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND(1 ) The Commission has just finatised 5ts Opinion on the Review of the European SociaL Fund. 0n the joint initiative of Mn. Ivor RICHARD, Commissioner for empLoyment, sociaL affairs and education and Mr. Antonio GI0LITTI, Commissioner w'ith speciaI responsibiLity for the coordination of Community funds, the Commission has proposed a'number of changes to the.basic [egaI texts governing the operation of the Fund, to enable it to play a more efficient and creative ro[e in improving empLoyment opportunities. In its Opinion, the Commission confirms that the Fund should continue to concentrate its resources in areas of greatest need, taking acgount of the persistent[y high Levet of unempLoyment in the Less devetoped regions and in those areas now experiencing a marked decLine of traditionat industries rhich were a major source of employment. The Socia[ Fund wiLI also need 1o adjust to the more recent emphasis given by the Community to measures designed to stimuLate job creation, thereby complementing action taken on a broader Level to promote economic growth and to encourage a more equ'itabLe distribution of empLo.yment opportunities A simoter structure, with wider scooe To repLace the existingr.highLy compLicated structure of the Fund, comprising njne separate fields of intervention, the Commission is proposing a radicaL simpLification. One broad area of activity is now envisaged which wiLL encompass practicaLLy aLt the training and.empLoyment initiatfves for adutts current[y etigibLe within the existing Fund. In addition to those peopLe seeking empLoy- ment or threatened with unempLoyment, beneficiaries of'Fund aid wouLd incLude mig.rant workers and their famiLies, and peopLe emptoyed in smaLI and medlum- sized enterprises requiring training as a resuLt of the introduction of new tqchnoLogy. New provis

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