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Building on the DEPLOY legacy: code generation and simulation

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The RODIN, and DEPLOY projects have laid solid foundations for further theoretical, and practical (methodological and tooling) advances with Event-B; we investigated code generation for embedded, multi-tasking systems. This work describes activities from a follow-on project, ADVANCE; where our interest is co-simulation of cyber-physical systems. We are working to better understand the issues arising in a development when modelling with Event-B, and animating with ProB, in tandem with a multi-simulation strategy. With multi-simulation we aim to simulate various features of the environment separately, in order to exercise the deployable code. This paper has two contributions, the first is the extension of the code generation work of DEPLOY, where we add the ability to generate code from Event-B state-machine diagrams. The second describes how we may use code, generated from state-machines, to simulate the environment, and simulate concurrently executing state-machines, in a single task. We show how we can instrument the code to guide the simulation, by controlling the relative rate that non-deterministic transitions are traversed in the simulation.

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