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Sajak “Nyanyian Angsa” Karya Ws. Rendra: Analisis Antropologi Sastra

PUSTAKA Jurnal Ilmu-Ilmu Budaya
  • Narrative
  • Poetry
  • Literary Anthropology


The poem “Song of the Swan” by WAS Rendra is a narrative poem that was created when he was in the United States. The poem that is set in Jakarta city, was created by WAS Rendra based on the news that he read in the mass media or newspapers. This poem belongs to the one which is quite rich with social criticism with a simple but precise diction to express a criticism. Many things can be explored in this poem, in addition to the social criticism contained in it. In this opportunity an attempt is made to discuss this poem through Literary Anthropological approach. This approach is relatively new in the analysis of literary works. Through the anthropological approach, Maria Zaitun is pictured as an individual who reflects a culture, such as upper-class culture (the doctor) and the culture of the church (Pastor). Both of these cultures contribute to color the cultural development of Indonesian society in general.

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