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Organic-soluble lacunary {M-2(P2W15)(2)} polyoxometalate sandwiches showing a previously unseen alpha beta beta alpha isomerism

Royal Society of Chemistry
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  • Mathematics


New polyoxometalate `sandwiches' have been formed where two P2W15O56](12-)lacunary Dawson clusters encapsulate two transition metal ions to give clusters with the general formula M-2(II)(P2W15O56)(2)](20-) (where M = Mn, Co, and Ni respectively), Fe-2(III)(P2W15O56)(2)](18-), and Cu-4(II)(P2W15O56)2](16-). The Mn, Co, and Ni clusters exhibit a hitherto unseen alpha beta beta alpha isomeric geometry and all five compounds are associated with tetrabutylammonium cations which allow for their dissolution in non-aqueous solvent.

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