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Preservation of waste water samples prior to analysis

Water Research
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DOI: 10.1016/0043-1354(67)90040-1
  • Chemistry
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Abstract This study was undertaken to determine the changes in the characteristics of raw sewage that may occur between the collection and analysis of sewage samples and to determine time and temperature relationships useful for sample preservations. Raw sewage samples were stored in stoppered glass containers at four temperatures, 37, 20, 10 and 1° C, and analysed at different time intervals over a period of 6–7 days. The samples were analysed for: total and soluble chemical oxygen demand, total and soluble biochemical oxygen demand, pH, dissolved oxygen and suspended solids. The results of the study indicated that: (1) a temperature of 37° C is inadequate for long-term storage of raw sewage, (2) a period of 6–12 hr at 37° C between collection and analysis will not produce major changes in the BOD, COD and suspended solids of the samples, (3) during the first 12–24 hr of storage at 10 and 20° C, no important variations in the BOD, COD and suspended solids were observed, and (4) at a temperature of 1° C, the parameters studied remained unchanged for at least 6 days.

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