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A two Roll Mill as a Rheomer for Pastes

Cambridge University Press
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  • Mechanical Engineering
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Previous work involving the squeeze-film flow of a model paste substance, a mixture of clay particles and mineral oil commonly known as ‘Plasticine’, has suggested that it behaves as a simple Herschel-Bulkley fluid which exhibits little strain history. However, tensile measurements, which are naturally limited to small strains by the onset of necking, indicate that this material shows strain hardening. A two roll-mill is employed here to investigate the influence of larger extensional strains. The data are analysed using an available first order engineering plasticity solution. The results confirm that this material exhibits both extensional strain and strain rate hardening. This observed strain hardening effect, which is not observed in the squeeze-film experiments, is attributed, in part, to the more homogeneous deformation fields induced during rolling and tensile extension.

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