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anatomy is encumbered. The author is obviously aware of the reader at all times, inter- rupting the text with recall questions, aide-memoires (even mnemonics) humour, analogies and occasional etymological explanations. Clinical considerations are frequently mentioned, the usual tedious and verbose descriptions of relat-ions skilfully avoided and functions emphasised in a logical manner. Advice is given even on the construction of a model larynx! While the text relies heavily on the accompanying diagrams, Dr. Paff realises that anatomy cannot be learned from books alone. The reader is frequently referred to the examination of a skull, to self-examination or to a presumably available dissection. Purists wi.ll argue over some of the details, e.g. the use of pterygo-mandibular "ligament" and "raphe" inter- changeably, and gram-merians might wonder at the choice of adjectives in the advice that it would be a "pious idea" to refer to a skull. However, the same purists will delight in the frequent use of eponyms. The overall result of the author's fresh approach is a very readable and easily remembered text. The diagrams which complement it are plentiful and generally well drawn. It is unfortunate that the first two are rather inferior, giving an initially poor impression, and that fig. 35 requires a headstand to understand its orientation. Greater use of figure titles and orientation would facilitate the reader, though mention must be made of the large and often excellent diagrams which help to make the chapters on the eye and ear among the best in the book. Dr. Paff's refreshing style make the omissions mentioned doubly unfortunate, but post- graduate students may, nevertheless, welcome the valuable tuition offered. Naturally it is to be hoped that in future editions the author will extend his coverage, where his obvious teaching expertise and his enthusiasm for his subject would be welcomed. A $.uccessful teacher does not always make a successful author (or vice versa) but, on the whole, Dr. Paff

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