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Numerical modeling of marine radiocarbon reservoir ages during the last deglaciation

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DOI: 10.1594/pangaea.775379
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A critical problem in radiocarbon dating is the spatial and temporal variability of marine reservoir ages (MRAs). We assessed the MRA evolution during the last deglaciation by numerical modeling, applying a self-consistent iteration scheme in which an existing radiocarbon chronology (derived by Hughen et al., Quat. Sci. Rev., 25, pp. 3216-3227, 2006) was readjusted by transient, 3-D simulations of marine and atmospheric Delta14C. To estimate the uncertainties regarding the ocean ventilation during the last deglaciation, we considered various ocean overturning scenarios which are based on different climatic background states (PD: modern climate, GS: LGM climate conditions). Minimum and maximum MRAs are included in file ''. Three further files include MRAs according to equilibrium simulations of the preindustrial ocean (file ''; this is an update of our results published in 2005) and of the glacial ocean (files '' and '').

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