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The European Union and Asia. Europe on the move 1995

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THE EUROPEAN UNION AN D ASIA o-> Lul q.;(- (- l;:e [, -'- ECIS: 2 User Rectangle h/ (tug Training activities for farmers are a key element of the Southern Mindanao agricultural programme funded by the EU in the Philippines. 4{/,2 4%, 33g,E7z C 3o t,) 13o.) A r,, matters to Europe today as it did in the days of the spice trade and the silk road. lt matters for the obvi- ous economic reasons. Asia accounts for half the world's population and a quarter of its production. The European Union, with its worldwide economic interests, cannot afford to neglect Asia and still maintain a leading role in the world economy. Asia also matters politically. The growing economic weight of Asia is reinforcing its weight on the interna- tional political scene. lt is in the EU's interest to help Asia play a more prominent role on the world stage. But the reverse is also true: Europe matters to Asia. Many Asians want a stronger European presence in Asia, at both the economic and political levels. Acting on an Asian proposal, the 15 EU countries and 10 Asian countries, including China, South Korea and Japan, have agreed to hold their very first summit meeting in Thailand in 1996. ln 1994 the European Commission responded to the dramatic changes in Asia with guidelines for a new Asia strategy, based on a partnership of equals. This was approved by the European Parliament, and endorsed by the European Council, within a matter of months. The EU is working to strengthen its economic relations with Asia on the basis of mutual interest; to contribute to peace and stability in Asia through a broader and deeper political dialogue and to continue its development assistance to the poorer countries and regions of Asia. Kc ls', z-n User Rectangle User Rectangle ASIA -AN ECONOMIC PROFILE Statistics do not tell the whole storv. of course. Even so, some idea of Asia's economic strength and diver, sity can be had from the following table, which includes 14 of ths ?6 countries and territories which Setch

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