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Gerard Field Family Collection. early 1990s-1990s

  • Prower
  • Anne H.
  • 1906-1997.
  • Art Institute Of Chicago.
  • Women Artists.
  • Sculpture.


Anne Prower was my mother. She was born Anne Hanau, the oldest of three brothers. In early '30s sometime she married my father, Edgar Blumenfeld (which morfed into Bloomfield and then just Field). My father died in 1954. She eventually married Frank Prower (morfed from Preruer). He escaped southern poland or bohemia and made it to Shanghai China where he survived the war. He worked for the japs as an accountant. He died in the mid '60's. My mother moved to Mexico and lived there for many years. Then she was almost killed in an auto accident and eventually moved to Leisure World in Laguna Hills, CA. She died there on Dec 25 1997.

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