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Grups de dones: Un común singular

Universitat de Barcelona


In this article I speak about the seminar ‘the personal is political’ which was born in May 2006 and which has been co-ordinated by me since then. It is made up of women and men who wanted to take to the world what we are without being or getting violent. It is a place in which we are threshing out different aspects that make up our being and our way of being: the inner world, our corporeality, sexual difference, relationships of likeness and of difference, the experience of being world. In this journey, various conflicts and difficulties have arisen, between women, between men, between women and men. Working through these knots has given us the chance to create fruitful relationships, in which opening and trust come first. They are relationships in which each one, today, can ask themselves freely about the sense and the meaning they want to give to the fact of being a woman or a man in the different contexts and situations that they find themselves living in.

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