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Sledování a vyhodnocení obsahu nitrátů v kořenových a košťálových druzích zeleniny distribuovaných v obchodní síti.

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  • Kořenová Zelenina
  • Košťálová Zelenina
  • Brambory
  • Dusík
  • Dusičnany
  • Root Crops
  • Cole Crops
  • Potatoes
  • Nitrogen
  • Nitrates


The object of this research was follow up the cumulation of nitrates in individual kinds of vegetables. Analysed was 240 samples of root crops, cole crops and potatoes distributed in the trade network in Humpolec in the years 2008 - 2010. The measurement results show that all the vegetables went beyond the nitrate permitted limit, according to a law n. 53/2002. The most frequently it was in potatoe samples (50 % samples). The next was a carrot (27 %), kohlrabi (25 %), broccoli (24 %) and celery (17 %). From aspect cumulation of nitrates is parsley unchallenged kind of vegetable. Permitted limit was transcendent in 10 % about less than 1 %. The origin of the vegetables was detected as well. Czech republic had the worst results (52,5 %) because of the high nitrate concentration in potatoes. It is grown by a domestic growers. Spain had 20 % in broccoli and kohlrabi. It is imported to our market. Although the high nitrate concentration in some vegetable samples the vegetable influence the human health in a positive way and it doesn?t make health hazard.

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