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[Music notebook] / 18??

  • Folk Songs
  • Liturgy And Ritual.
  • Synagogue Music.


Musical scores for various liturgies, folksongs, and Zionist tunes by the cantor of Dej. Although Jews were officially prohibited from living in Dej until 1848, by 1805 there were already 70 Jewish residents. After 1848 many immigrants from Galicia settled in Dej who made up the majority of the community which remained Orthodox with a strong hasidic following. The majority spoke Yiddish as well as Hungarian and Rumanian. Communal life was organized around the 1850s. Members of the Panet family served as rabbis of Dej from the beginning of the community's establishment to its end in the Holocaust. The first synagogue was built in 1863 and another opened in 1907, beside many other synagogues and yeshivot.

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