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Sexuální zneužívání dětí

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  • Sexuální Zneužívání Dětí
  • Syndrom Can
  • Syndrom Csa
  • Formy Sexuálního Zneužívání
  • Incest
  • Pedofil
  • Příznaky
  • Rodina
  • Dítě
  • Rodič
  • Komerční Sexualizované Zneužívání
  • Oběť
  • Pachatel
  • Následky
  • Terapie
  • Prevence
  • Trestní činnost
  • Child Sexual Abuse
  • Syndrome Can
  • Syndrome Csa
  • Formes Sexual Abuse
  • Incest
  • Pedophile
  • Symptoms
  • Family
  • Child
  • Parent
  • Commercial Sexual Explotation Of Children
  • Victim
  • Offender
  • Consequences
  • Therapy
  • Prevention
  • Criminal Activity
  • Medicine


My thesis deals with the problems of sexual abuse of children. It is divided into nine chapters, each of which has a subhead. In the first part, I focused on the term of child sexual abuse. In the second part, I focused on the problem of sexual abuse of children by family members. In the third part, I explained the term of commercial sexual violence committed against children. In the fourth part, I focused on the victims of sexual abuse and in the following part, I focused on the perpetrators. In the sixth part, I described the consequences of the abuse and in the seventh part, I described the therapy. I put a stress on the eighth part which deals with the sexual abuse prevention. The thesis ends with the ninth chapter where I described the moral crimes.

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