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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Bernard D. Davis

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Dr. Bwhard D. David &l E, 69 Streat Hew Tork 2Is, N.P. Sf It~ranottuidakm, youmentioned thatyouhird mastered the Busdan language. gllotid you aare to axeraise th5.a mastery on an itear that might muse you? S snclosa a aaicrofilra from "Prirodal*, in whiah under a dlm~ecting uaoge I oan m&e out Wmteria~l in the title, E.. aoli K-a-2 in tie text, and Ea&a arti Lederberg ira ths bibliogxapb, but fioth&ng olss. Could you lBIRppld to give a 1iUral trahalation? Z would be narch obliged. If you havm*t the tbm~ we have a Russian dqxwtnmt here who should be @ad to do it, but I thought you oould m&a PLore mnae out ’ of it. Joshua Lederbar~.

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