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A new technique to control floating body effect in nano-scale double-gate MOSFET

Superlattices and Microstructures
DOI: 10.1016/j.spmi.2014.09.028
  • Double Gate Mosfet
  • Floating Body Effect
  • Parasitic Bjt
  • Breakdown Voltage


Abstract This paper proposes a novel structure of Double Gate (DG) MOSFET to control the impacts of floating body effect. Floating body effect increases hole concentration in the channel region due to the impact ionization. In this novel structure which is named as SiGe Region in DG-MOSFET (SR-DG) two spacers are considered in both sides of gate region and a SiGe zone is incorporated in gate–source spacer. The SiGe region with lower band gap than silicon collects the excess hole in the channel. Our simulation with two dimensional ATLAS simulator shows that the proposed SR-DG improves the performance of DG-MOSFET in terms of threshold voltage, breakdown voltage and electric field. Also, the impacts of parasitic bipolar junction transistor (BJT) are controlled significantly.

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