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Enterotoxin B: Serological Assay in Cultures by Passive Hemagglutination

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Bis-diazotized benzidine hemagglutination with Formalinized sheep erythrocytes was adapted to the rapid and specific detection of enterotoxin B in staphylococcal culture fluids. There was complete agreement between hemagglutination inhibition (HI) and gel diffusion in detecting 8 enterotoxin B-positive cultures from a total of 68 staphylococcal cultures tested. The sensitivity of HI equals or exceeds that of gel diffusion. Also, results can be obtained in several hours, even with extremely low concentrations of enterotoxin, whereas it may require 24 hr to 1 week to obtain comparable results with gel diffusion. Problems associated with the presence of potent hemagglutinins for sheep erythrocytes in several staphylococcal culture fluids are discussed.

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