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Chinese Lessons to Western Medicine

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438 YALE JOURNAL OF BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE CHINESE LESSONS TO WESTERN MEDICINE. By I. Snapper. Interscience Publishers, Inc., New York, 1941. Pp. x + 371. $5.50. Here is a book that combines the scientific substance of a textbook in Oriental medicine and the readability of the current popular expositions that deal with medical practice. It is, moreover, a timely volume in this day of growing general interest in the diseases of the Orient as they may affect our A. E. F. during its service overseas and later when it returns. The material, subdivided under the conventional chapter headings of the major groups of diseases, is presented in the manner of a general discussion of each disease and is supplemented by concise case reports and helpful illus- trations. The literary style is in the unstilted and conversational phraseology of an intimate bedside teacher whose scientific reserve is tastefully seasoned with personal speculations and occasional bits of philosophy. The Western reader will find interest not only in the descriptions of such special geographic diseases like kala-azar, relapsing and typhus fevers, cholera, parasitic diseases of the liver, and opium addiction, but also in the emphasis on particular Oriental features of otherwise familiar diseases like the acute exanthemata, cardiovascular and renal disease, diseases of the blood, etc. Most impressive, perhaps, is the apparent influence of the economic and geo- graphic environment, and particularly of nutritional aspects, on disease in northern China. The reader need have no fear that he will be reading below his scientific level, for it is apparent that medicine as practiced and studied at the Peiping Union Medical College is quite up to, and sometimes beyond, our western standards. Every medical library will be improved by the presence of this humble little book. ARTHUR J. GEIGER. THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE CHARAKA CLUB, VOLUME X. Pub- lished for the Charaka Club by The Williams & Wilkins Co., Balti- more, 1941. Pp. x + 260. $5. Thi

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