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Fifth biennial report on the implementation of Council Decision No 65/271/EEC of 13 May 1965 on the harmonisation of certain provisions affecting competition in transport by rail, road and inland waterway (1 June - 31 May 1975). COM (75) 301 final, 20 June 1975

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a soa,fefinssicN ,\ \ COA4AdUNIT'NES co[(?'] 301 ftnal elsr 20 Jrme 19?5 tt (subnl.ttecl to the Corrroll W **re Cosateglon) coil(?5) 301 flnal Phil Text Box Phil Text Box fhis doclrrne1rt conetitutea the Fifth Bieunial Beport on the inplenentation of council Decieton wo 65/zlt/kc of 13 llav 1965 on the harsronize*io'n of certain provisions affeoting conBetitlon in traneport by raiJ.t roed and f r \inland waterway\'/. It hag been,drawr up in irplementation of Lrticle 15 of, the above Decision. It covers the pertod. I Jrure 19?3 to 31 I'lay I9?5. The greateet step foruard durin6 thie period waE the adoption ty the CounoiL of a Decision taken in lnplerneriation of Article I of the Decisiqn of, 13 Mqy 1965 providing for the progressive baroonization of the rules govorning fina4oial relations between railvlay undertakings and the Member States. This Decieion, whicb was supplen€nted by an amendnent to Regu- latiou No I1O?/?O on the €ranting of ald for transpor* by raill load and lnland waterway, is a,na].yzed in this leport (prg"" ? and' 8). Its inpl'emen- tation will nalte it poselble for long-terrn astion to be taken in the Connunity to enable the railway urderiakings to improve their finartcial situation and play their full, role in the [email protected] transport eysten. se<rtion 1I of the Decieion of 13 May 1965 uhich deale Hlth plovigions concerning certais kinds of State intewention has therefore been fu11y iryJ,enenteC. Sone of the nee,sures adopted in iroplenentation of the Articleg contained in Sec*ian If should uadoubtedl.y be ioproved anil per- feoted ia the light of experience, but it is elea,r tbat tbe obJecttves laid dom by the Council in the Seotion have been achlevecl. teee progtrese hae been roa,cle with re€ard to the other two $estione. (1) 0J No 88, 24 lray 1965, p. 1500 T-be o'bJectives laid. dorn in. Artioles .bave been achieved, but not those 1n ly the Cowrission in tbiE conneqtion CounciL. A^ 3 and 4 of Sec*ton I (Taxa'tton) Articl,es L and 2

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