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Letter from Frederick Plotkin, Comtex Scientific Corporation to Joshua Lederberg

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Comtex Scientific Corporation 850 Third Avenue New York, N Y XW22 (212j 838- 7200 Dr. Fwderick Plotkin Scienti!AdvismyEoard Dr Augustus B. Kinzei, Chairman Vice Resident. Research. Union Carbide Corporation (ret.); November 29, 1982 Resident, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies (ret.) Dr William 0. Baker Joshua Lederberg, President Presldent.Bell Labontories(ret.) The Rockefeller University Dr Francis C H. Crick York Ave and E. 66th Street Distin ished Research Profewx, The S If” k Institute for Biological Studies Nobel laureate New York, NY 10021 Dr Lee A. DuBridge President Emeritus, California Institute of Technology Dear Dr. Lederberg: Dr Leon 0. Jacobson Dean Emeritus, Ritzker SchoolofMedicine, Joseph Regenstein Professor of Biology and Medical Science, University of Chicago Lk F&&rick Seitz President Emeritus, The Rockefeller Univenlty Lk Charles H. lihws University Professor of Physics, University of California. Berkeley Nobel laureate At our meeting on November 3rd we discussed the possibil- ity of an online electronic edition of the Biophysical Journal. You expressed your willingness to present a proposal describing such a service to the Board of the Biophysical Society. I enclose our draft proposal for your frank comments and your suggestions for improvements. Clearly, we want to submit a proposal to the Board which you would feel comfortable to endorse. I, therefore, look forward to your criticism of this. first draft so @" I that we can develop a more satisfactory final version. l With best regards, & . . fbf- Dr. Frederick Plotkin President

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