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A Taxonomic study of the sauritus group of the gartersnakes, genus Thamnophis Fitzinger

University of Florida
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  • Garter Snakes ( Lcsh )
  • Biology Thesis Ph. D
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A taxonomic study of the sauritus group of the gartersnakes, genus Thamnophis Fitzinger A TAXONOMIC STUDY OF THE SAURITUS GROUP OF THE GARTERSNAKES, GENUS THAMNOPHIS FITZINGER By DOUGLAS ATHON ROSSMAN A DISSERTATION PRESENTED TO THE GRADUATE COUNCIL OF THE UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA August, 1961 UI^IVERSITY OF FLORIDA 3 1262 08552 2661 f iio tsuGonoaic study of this nature io possible without cooporatloa of the curators of musoum and university coilectioas, and i would llii*j to «xpr«a8 mjf si'^i^itude to the following individuals iiho pomittod mo to oxaalno saaterlal in their caro (the accompanying abbreviations will bs usod throuohout this study to rofor to speciaons in theso collections): Ciiaries M, Bo£;ert and iiichard U» ^weifol, ^uacrictui i-iuseUi- oi ^^aourai niatory (Ai-H'iH): James S. iJOiOke and x-daond V, i^^iaiiiate, Academy of Natural ^ciencos of Philadelphia (iHiiip); iviiliao ^eecher, Chicat;o Academy of :9Ciences iC-^i*); well i». laciuiMsrio , Curi.a^j-o ....... ..... »uo; Robert k\ In^or and Hyaon i'iarx, Chica^^o Natural aiotory iriuseum (CliilK); X. Paul Maslin, University oi" Coioraco Museum (Coi'i); i'hilip *• ;iaith, Illinois ijtate iiatural History burvey li.itiii); Rilliaia a. Duellaan, University of Kansas i>iuseutt of iiaturai liistory l^.U); Cieor^e ..• -owrey, Jr., ix>uisiaaa State University Museum of ^-oolo^^ t;*^u*i^); Willlaa ii« Dickinson, KUwauke* Public Museuta {: lii); J. ^iiliso Ciibum, iiiseissippi southern Colio,,a i.-»-j; i^« -• ^ .idy, Mississippi Oaao and Fish Coomission Musoum (. ;; Smest ii. Vsiiiliacis, tiuseura of Comparative U>oloar (i-iC-i); iraacie li. Cook, ^National l-iuamim of Canada (iiiiC)j Curator, ii N«« Xork Jtato i.useum iLilHii) ; Curator, N^va SOOti* Mumub of ^Glonco (:;^u:i^); Edward 3, Xhonaa, Ohio 3tat« Koawai (O^hi); u, ix^OiiK iilalTy univoraity

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