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Towards Open Regionalism in South East Europe, Paul Stubbs and Christophe Solioz (eds.)

Institute for Development and International Relations
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IN ST IT U TE F O R IN ER N AT IO N A L RE LA TI O N S ISSN 1848-5782XVIII (67) - 2012 Streamlining of Policies or Additional Level of Complexity? The Impact of the EEAS on EU - Western Balkans Relations Wolfgang Koeth Decitizenization of Migrants in Slovenia Mojca Pajnik Mediation of the European Union in the Middle East Peace Process Marijana Musladin Vol.XV III, N o. 66 - 2012 XV III (67) - 2012 Croatian International Relations Review - CIRR Editor in Chief: Senada Šelo Šabić, PhD Research Fellow, Department for International Economic and Political Relations (IMO) Assistant Editors: Advisory Board: Janko Bekić, MA Research Assistant, Department for Culture and Communication (IMO) Ivana Keser, MA Research Assistant, Department for Resource Economics, Environmental Protection and Regional Development (IMO) Ioannis Armakolas, Director, Western Balkans Programme, Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) Stefano Bianchini, Professor, School of Political Science, University of Bologna Dejan Jović, Professor, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Zagreb Helen O’Neill, Professor, Center for Development Studies, University College Dublin Daniel Dăianu, Professor, National School for Political Studies and Public Administration, Bucharest Werner Weidenfeld, Director, Center for Applied Policy Research, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich Luc D. Bernard, Professor, Institute of European Studies, Catholic University of Louvain Otmar Höll Director, Austrian Institute for International Affairs, Vienna Ognyan Minchev, Director, Institute for Regional and International Studies, Sofia, Gianni Bonvicini, Vice President, Institute for International Affairs, Rome Milica Uvalić, Professor, School of Political Science University of Perugia Wolfgang Wessels Professor, Jean Monet Chair in Political Science,University of Cologne Copyright©Instiute for International Relations – IMO Articl

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