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Environmental management in product chains:theoretical and regulatory perspectives based on 25 Danish case studies

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Microsoft Word - Titelside.doc Environmental management in product chains - theoretical and regulatory perspectives based on 25 Danish case studies Michael Søgaard Jørgensen, Marianne Forman & Annegrethe Hansen Technical University of Denmark Environmental Project No. 1237 2007 Miljøprojekt The Danish Environmental Protection Agency will, when opportunity offers, publish reports and contributions relating to environmental research and development projects financed via the Danish EPA. Please note that publication does not signify that the contents of the reports necessarily reflect the views of the Danish EPA. The reports are, however, published because the Danish EPA finds that the studies represent a valuable contribution to the debate on environmental policy in Denmark. 3 Content CONTENT 3 PREFACE 7 SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS 9 0.1 EIGHT TYPES OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT INITIATIVES IN PRODUCT CHAINS 9 0.2 ENVIRONMENTAL IMPROVEMENTS FROM THE INITIATIVES 10 0.3 INTERACTION BETWEEN ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES IN PRODUCT CHAINS 11 0.4 ORGANISATIONAL ASPECTS OF THE INITIATIVES 11 0.5 PRODUCT AND BRANCH ASPECTS 12 0.6 CONDITIONS AND REGULATORY MEASURES FOR THE DIFFUSION OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT IN PRODUCT CHAINS 13 0.6.1 The conditions for implementation of the different types of environmental initiatives 13 0.6.2 The role of environmental management systems 15 0.6.3 The role of transnational environmental management 16 0.6.4 The role of governmental regulation 16 0.6.5 Regulatory support to environmental management in product chains though coherent policy regimes and policy patterns 17 0.7 THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES FOR ANALYSIS OF THE SHAPING AND EMBEDDING OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT IN PRODUCT

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